What does it mean that WCSG is "commercial-free"?

WCSG is licensed by the FCC as a non-commercial radio station, which means we air no commercial content (sales, qualitative, quantitative, call to action, etc). You will hear thank you mentions to businesses that support WCSG as well as content about WCSG activities and organization information.

How is WCSG Supported?

WCSG is supported by listeners and businesses in the community who value the ministry and outreach of WCSG. If you would like to donate to WCSG click here.

Who owns WCSG?

WCSG is owned by Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI.

Does WCSG sell/give out mailing list information?

WCSG values your privacy and protects your personal information. WCSG, along with its database of listeners, is owned by Cornerstone University who strictly prohibit the sale of their databases.

How can I find out more about a song that I heard on WCSG?

On WCSG's homepage and music pages, you will find a title for currently playing song (give or take 20 seconds based on web streaming delays). Also you can check out the music page for our top current songs. As always, you can contact our offices for information @ 800-968-4543.

How can I find out more about an event that I heard about on WCSG?

Visit WCSG's concerts & events page for details about WCSG events & activities or, you may also browse our Community Event Calendar for local event listings.

How can I get WCSG to promote my church/non-profit group's event?

To be listed on our website community event listings, fill out our online submission form.

Am I eligible to win stuff from WCSG?

You are eligible if you do not, or are not immediately related to someone who works for Cornerstone University or any of their ministry/educational extensions. You are eligible if you have not won a major promotional prize from WCSG in the past 6 months.

What number do I call for contests?

Call 888-942-WCSG (9274)

What number do I call for song requests?

Call 888-942-WCSG (9274)

Where are WCSG offices/studio located?

WCSG is located on the campus of Cornerstone University on the E Beltline just north of I-96 between Leonard & Bradford, 1159 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids MI 49525

How to I get to WCSG offices/studio?

CLICK HERE to get a map and directions to WCSG's studios.

What are WCSG office hours?

Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Can I get a tour of the radio station?

The WCSG staff is pleased to give tours to families, school groups, church/civic groups, etc. We do ask that you call (616-942-1500) and schedule a time with our office staff so we can be sure to have staff available to accommodate your group size and interests.

Is my donation to WCSG tax deductible?

As part of Cornerstone University, your donation to WCSG qualifies for federal tax deductions if you itemize. You may also claim a tax credit on your Michigan taxes equaling 50% of your gift - up to $100 if filing individually or $200 on a joint return. If you have additional questions regarding tax benefits or your contribution, please call our offices a (616) 942-1500. to an educational institution both on your Federal and State returns. CLICK HERE to email your request for a tax benefit brochure.

How can I contact ministries I hear on WCSG?

Visit our on-air schedule page for links to ministries that WCSG broadcasts.

Why does my online stream of WCSG not always work?

There are various reasons for streaming difficulties. Click here for trouble shooting tips for online listeners.


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