When you join the WCSG "Growing Month by Month" club, you are helping WCSG and Cornerstone University Radio exist to communicate and serve others with excellence as a Christ-centered influence through compelling content, relevant platforms, and compassionate relationships.

How to qualify:

  • Be a monthly ongoing donor to WCSG at $40.00+ a month
  • Give automatically each month through credit card or EFT
  • Give your current email address in order to communicate benefits

What it means to qualify as a Growing Month by Month member:

  • Knowing you are supporting WCSG in an easy and cost effective way
  • Drawings for breakfast with John and Amanda in the studio for 1 hour
  • Drawings for a personal tour and lunch with an on-air host of your choice
  • Drawings for concert tickets throughout the year
  • Other exclusive club giveaways
  • Allowing us to continue to provide the programming you have grown to depend on

We hope you will consider joining the "Growing Month by Month" club. Click here to return to the donate page and select "Give a Monthly Ongoing Gift" and either increase to or begin a $40.00 or more monthly donation paid with credit card or EFT to automatically join.