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About John

I grew up on the West Coast, but have spent much of my life in Michigan (guess you could say I've lived on both “west coasts.”) In 2003 I graduated from college and started working with various radio entities until taking a full time gig with WCSG.

In my "spare time," I volunteer for the Kent County Traffic Squad. I also film weddings, which has taken me to fun places like California and Hawaii. The most important part of my story is how Christ found me when I was about 8-years-old as my mom led me down the Romans Road one night. I'll never forget how excited I was while trying to evangelize all the neighbor kids! My walk with Him has been - and continues to be - a great journey.

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About Amanda

A native of West Michigan, I started working at WCSG in 1999. My role at the station has developed and changed several times, leading to my appointment as Program Director in 2009 and joining the Family Friendly Morning Show in September, 2012.

I've been married since 2000 and have four kids who keep me on my toes. As a family, we enjoy soccer, being outside, and cheering for the Yankees. I am so grateful that God has blessed me with a great husband, fantastic children and a career that I truly enjoy!

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